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Aaliyah Cupil

Aaliyah is a Charlotte native with a love and passion for people, black excellence and uplifting us as a community through technology, dance and other art forms. She works full time in the world of work management software as a content and product designer focused on UX research, and exploring how products benefit customers' perception and day-to-day. 

Her affection for people and STEM curriculum stem from a deep appreciation for technology and education. A Masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology, coupled with a deep love for art and design, fuel the desire to impart these values to children and explore how physical movement influences this. 

As an accomplished and awarded dancer, teacher, and Delta sister, her dream is to share her experiences and knowledge with the hopes that it can be used in a way to change someone else’s world– in whatever way that manifests itself to be.

“I absolutely love being a mommy and as a party of one, I fully appreciate the journey it's taken me on thus far. I love us, and I love, even more so, an uplifting us." 

We welcome you, mama. Charlotte as a city is anew, fresh and ready. She has a sweet two year old girl who loves reading, pure fun and her little pup, Raz.

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